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The spatial distribution of African Americans before 1916 zoning ordinances
Minorities became extremely “isolated” in minority neighborhoods after zoning
When the 19th-century “Zillow” data met the digital technology!
What does the “19th-century Zillow” data tell us about the dynamic process of residential racial segregation?
My paper attempts to revisit and unlock how black and African Americans made homes and communities in the city
Revisiting Black Spaces

<Work In Progress>

  • The Impact of Rent Regulations in the 1920s New York City: External Effects and Property Prices, with Maximilian Guennewig-Moenert, Ronan Lyons


  • Social Agglomeration Forces and the City, with Peter Luff


  • “American Intergenerational Mobility in History and Space”, with Costas Arkolakis, Rodrigo Adao, Jack Liang

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