<Working Papers>

  • “The Rise of the Metropolis: Lessons from New York City’s Transit System”, Job Market Paper (a draft will be available soon)
    • [Abstract] How large are the benefits of improving urban mass transit infrastructure in cities, and how are the gains shared across different skill groups? This proposal exploits a unique historical setting to estimate the impact of urban transportation infrastructure: the introduction of the mass-public transit infrastructure in the late nineteenth and twentieth-century New York City. I use newly collected archival data of real estate sales, industrial activity and linked individual US census data to investigate how urban transit infrastructure differentially affects the welfare of workers with heterogenous skill. I also show how lowering the spatial frictions in the city brings the city’s economic growth through enhanced labor market access.
  • “European Immigrants and the United States’s Rise to the Technological Frontier”, with Costas Arkolakis, Michael Peters
  • Details of the National Science Foundation grant, joint with Costas Arkolakis and Michael Peters (RIDIR: A Big Data Approach to Understanding American Growth) are available here:
  • Details of  National Science Foundation (Doctoral Dissertation Research in Economics: Urban Transit Infrastructure and the Growth of Cities) are available here:
  • My research was covered in Columbia Economics Magazine. You can download the full version here: